Selling micro-saas: the new frontier of business

My name is Domenico, and I’ve written different articles focused on the micro-saas world. I have built and sold 3 micro-saas, and today I’m going to show you can do the same.

Domenico Gagliardi
4 min readApr 16


This article will be focused on which steps I followed for selling micro-saas on Microacquire!

Microacquire is one of the most famous websites for selling or buying startups. And I can say it works very well! Before going into details, let me tell you what I sold, and what was the ROI.

What I sold

One year ago, I started my adventure in the no-code world. I already knew the no-code market, but I never worked in it.

Thanks to a challenge on Twitter named Build&Sell30, I decided to try something new. I co-built 3 micro saas in 2022, and I have sold 2 of them on Microacquire.

The first one was a SaaS tool focused on pitch decks. The aim was to automatize pitch generation by adding basic information about your startup. So you could generate 7–10 slides in seconds. ROI: 4000%

The second product was an AI tool that could convert text into excel formulas in seconds. This was the best product we built, and it generated +5k of revenue in 2 months. ROI: 4600%

It sounds like a huge % in terms of ROI, but the point here is that we have always used no-code tools. The biggest expense we had was the Bubble plan for 29/m. That’s it.

How to sell

First of all, you need to know that selling a micro-startup is a very time-consuming activity. That’s from my personal experience. On avg, I spend 2–4 months on all the processes:

  1. List the startup
  2. Receive the offer(s)
  3. Negotiate
  4. Transfer process
  5. Payment process

That seems very easy, but it’s not. As I said, I sold them on Microacquire, so my experience is only related to this platform, but that’s what I did with my friend Tanveer.

First of all, you need to list your startup. Microacquire is pretty simple from that point of view. You’ll see this(it’s a listed startup right now):



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