How we built and sold 3 micro-startups in 6 months, bootstrapped, having a full-time job.

Domenico Gagliardi
6 min readJan 20

Hello Everyone! I’m Domenico from Italy. I’d define my personality as a wave that is always in motion, never stopping.

In my full-time job, I’m a Business Analyst for Mexican Fintech. I started this new exciting job in Jan 2022. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. As you can understand from these few lines, I love startups, I love the No-code movement, and everything around the tech world.

In this short article, I will tell you how I co-built and co-sold 3 micro-startups in 6 months starting at $0, with no code, and having a full-time job. Note: this is only my experience, so yours could be different. I’d like to share my short story here, and wait for your comments!


  • The Beginning
  • First Product
  • Second Product
  • Third Product
  • Marketing Channels and what we used for selling them
  • ROI
  • How to manage your time
  • OpenAI
  • What I’m doing now

The Beginning

It all started almost 1.2 years ago on Twitter. A new challenge was launched: The Build & Sell Challenge (

Few lines about this challenge:

  • You needed to build and sell something in 30 days
  • You needed to validate your idea in 1–2 weeks
  • The challenge was open to everyone
  • A sequence of activities suggested by the organization

It was an interesting challenge (first edition). So we decided to join it, and challenge ourselves.

Oh, in this adventure there was also my friend Tanveer -> — Follow him, he’s amazing!

First Product

For participating in this challenge we needed to build and sell in a very fast way. The first part is very important: the building phase! You don’t need to waste a lot of time on it — check the last part of this article for all the lessons I learned.

Domenico Gagliardi

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