Chat GPT vs Humans: the new era has begun — Chapter 2

Domenico Gagliardi
4 min readMar 15

Here we are at the second chapter of our journey into the GPT and AI Chat world.

During the first chapter we covered several topics, this is a summary (summary made using my product AI Alfred — try it for free here:

Chapter 1 — Summary

The introduction of Chat GPT, or Generative Pre-training Transformer 3, into our daily lives has been a hot topic among technology enthusiasts. This revolutionary artificial intelligence technology has the potential to change human civilization forever, as it is part of the larger technological singularity phenomenon. The singularity theory suggests that technological growth will become so great and uncontrollable that it will bring about unprecedented changes to human civilization, and the rapid and uncontrolled development of Chat GPT and other AI models brings us closer to this point. However, it is still debatable whether we have reached the point of singularity with Chat GPT and AI, but the exponential development of AI in recent decades suggests that we may be getting closer.

Chat GPT is capable of holding conversations with humans and has opened up new possibilities for businesses to interact with customers. However, it also poses risks, such as the potential for malicious use, including impersonation and manipulation, and the replacement of human jobs. The ethical implications of Chat GPT, such as its ability to generate fake news or deep fakes, are also a cause for concern. Despite these potential risks, the development of Chat GPT and AI technology continues to advance rapidly, making it important to consider the consequences of its widespread use. The rise of Chat GPT and AI technology has brought about new questions and concerns for society.

Many people are worried about losing their jobs to automation, and the exponential development of AI suggests that this may become a reality shortly. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, it is important to consider the ethical implications and potential consequences of its use. The possibility of singularity also looms, and while we may not be at that point yet, it is clear that the development of AI has the potential to change human civilization forever. The future of Chat GPT and AI technology is uncertain, but it will play a significant role in shaping our world in the years to come.

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