Chat GPT vs Humans: the new era has begun — Chapter 1

Domenico Gagliardi
8 min readMar 13

The limit between reality and fantasy has often been crossed by special effects in films, but here we are at an epochal point in the history of humanity. Those who like me love technology and everything that revolves around it have certainly not missed the news of the entry of Chat GPT in our common life.

In this article I want to cover a fascinating topic, but at the same time thoughtful. Obviously, I am a little biased by my working with AI core products (and Basic Chat GPT over the last period), but I will try to be as less biased as possible with my statements and descriptions.

This article is one of those that are written very carefully. This article will be divided into different chapters.

It’s a long article, so make yourself comfortable. These will be the topics covered:

  • What is Chat GPT (Chapter 1)
  • Singularity Point (Chapter 1)
  • Mass Unemployment? (Chapter 1)
  • Consciousness in the machines (Chapter 2)
  • A chat with Chat GPT (Chapter 3)
  • Opportunities and Risks for Chat GPT (Chapter 3)
  • The human being at the center (Chapter 3)

First of all: what is Chat GPT

Chat GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer 3, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by OpenAI. As they said on their website “We trained this model using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), using the same methods as InstructGPT, but with slight differences in the data collection setup.”

What is the RLHF?

In machine learning, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) or reinforcement learning from human preferences is a technique that trains a “reward model” directly from human feedback and uses it as a reward function to optimize an agent’s policy using reinforcement learning (RL).


Then, Chat GPT-3 works by pre-training a deep neural network on a massive dataset of text…

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